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Am I Worth It?

  "And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself." - Elle Woods There is a question I keep asking myself these days, “am I worth it?” I feel so insecure more than ever. There were several events that triggered me. Since I was little, I only had a few friends, and it was so difficult to fit in. I feel “different” or maybe “weird” from others. How do I feel comfortable with myself and blend in with others? Once a friend in my class when I was in elementary school said that my jokes weren’t funny, then I stopped making jokes, then I thought it would be better to keep quiet. Even though, actually her jokes weren’t funny either. Then, when I was in junior high school, I was still confused about how to socialize? Was there someone who wanted to be friends with me, with who I am? I also liked a guy in my class, but one day I heard he talked about me (behind me), and laughed about my physique with his friends. Maybe he didn't realize I heard him. Even when I was a

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